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For experienced professionals since 1997

We provide experts to your projects and various resource needs.



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For jobseekers

We have offered opportunities to experienced professionals since 1997.

If you are searching for interesting and challenging project, we have a right type of work that fits your experience and skills.

Our business concept is a reasonable alternative for starting an own company. You are employed with Expericon but still able to gain an entrepreneurial freedom.

You can focus to your own project but leave all administration and sales of your expertise to us.

As consultant in Expericon

Our business model offers for consultant competitive earnings and good fringe benefits, which consultant can arrange according to own needs.

With quality and high level of own work a consultant ensure customer satisfaction. Our long-term customer relationships guarantee that the consultant can work in shorter projects or even several years with the same customer.

An option for an own company

You do need to set up an own company or take care of daily administration and financial management. Our consultant model allows you to concentrate on projects and professional development.

We have plenty of projects waiting for new consultants!

Please contact us for more information.


For customers

We search skilled professionals to your projects.

We help our customers to find qualified and experienced professionals e.g. to project management, system development, testing and management.

Expericon will find professionals of rare skills, certain technologies, project knowledge or industry experience.


We will find a suitable candidate based on skill requirements you provide to us. We work with fixed-term or ongoing contracts.

You will get flexible workforce according to duration and requirements of your project. Risk-free. You will pay hourly or daily fee only for the work done by the consultant of your choice.

Let us know the profile and we offer you the most qualified candidates. We take care of candidate search from our network or labour market. We interview candidates and make all arrangements for employment and take care of legal obligations.


Employer and payroll services

Expericon  provides employer and payroll services for foreign companies which have customers in Finland. In practice, this means that a foreign company can find and use skilled Finnish work force without need to establish an enterprise in Finland.
A company may search for the suitable candidates itself and we can also help with search process. Expericon take care of payroll and employer contributions and ensure a compliance with the Finnish labor legislation. Company will take care of training and operative supervising of employees. Company shall also supply necessary devices, equipment and work instructions to be used.


With our recruiting service you can hire qualified professionals to your organization. It is a flexible and cost-effective way to to find the most qualified professionals for permanent employment.

Our headhunters have vast experience and extensive network to guarantee the best possible candidate for your organization.


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